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Cullman, Alabama, Fabrication Shop

Our Cullman, Alabama, shop is a 250,000-square-foot, totally enclosed, climate-controlled fabrication production center. Its two dedicated storage bays provide 47,500 square feet of space for raw material under four overhead cranes. Drive-through receiving bays enable the material to be stored directionally so that the material is aligned for straightforward advancement toward the production bays.

Once in production, materials are met with an array of state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate even the most complex fabrication projects with speed, precision, and consistency. From sawing and forming to burning and welding to surface preparation and painting, the Cullman shop has all the right tools for the job, including:

  • Wysong FAB600-168 press brake 600-ton
  • Davi CNC MCB3034 plate roll 10’ x 1½” with powered in-feed and out-feed support arm
  • Angle shear manual 6” x 6” x ½”
  • Control Automation 5-Punch CNC beam line
  • Control Automation 8” x 8” x 1” CNC angle line
  • Control Automation CNC saw measuring system
  • Control Automation beam splitter
  • Peddinghaus 38/18 CNC band saw
  • Peddinghaus 1100 DG miter band saw
  • Peddinghaus PCD-1100 beam drill line
  • Peddinghaus FDB-2500 plate drill and plasma line
  • Peddinghaus ABCM-1250 beam coping line
  • 20” HDY-MECH SP-20
  • 36” Kaltenbach cold saw
  • Peddinghaus FPB-1500 CNC plasma plate punch
  • One radial arm drill
  • Three hydraulic detail punches
  • Messer Titan 3 plasma burning table with drilling, tapping, beveling capacity, and global control
  • Four sets of 6,000-lb. Weld Plus pipe/tank turning rolls
  • Hoffman blast room 24’ wide x 22’ high x 70’ long
  • Custom-designed blast room
  • Two Pangborn 8-wheel shot blast machines with power in feed and out feed with shot recovery
  • 14 5-ton overhead cranes
  • Four twin 5-ton overhead cranes
  • Eight 10-ton overhead cranes
  • One 25-ton overhead crane
  • CAMBCO Model 420 cambering machine
  • Ransome welding manipulator with automated submerged arc welding machine
  • SUNRISE Ironworker

Production begins with material preparation, where material is gathered, sorted, tagged, measured, and cut as needed. The next step is fit-up, in which cut materials are grouped and arranged—with jigs if needed—and tack-welded together. From fit-up, the item being fabricated moves to welding for permanent assembly. All welding is performed under the supervision of an AWS Certified Welding Inspector, according to the provisions of section D1.1 of the AWS Code. We use the latest technology in MIG equipment at each of the 18 welding stations. Other welding processes are utilized based on specification and procedure.

After welding, all steel passes through either one of two eight-wheel blast machines or a 24’ x 22’ x 70’ air-controlled blast cabinet or a custom-designed blast chamber for surface preparation. Fabricated steel is then transferred by crane to one of two paint areas for the specified paint application. (For more than 25 years, we have specialized in multi-coat paint systems for industrial projects.) Finally, fabricated materials are loaded on trailers at recessed loading docks inside the facility for delivery by a preferred contract trucking service.

Cullman Floor Plan
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